Causes Of Success Of Renaissance And Western Europe

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Causes of the Success of Renaissance in Western Europe The Renaissance was that time that still acts as a transition of the world from being an underdeveloped place to a place of enlightenment and knowledge. The developments made during the Renaissance in political, cultural, social, artistic, and educational arenas laid the groundwork for modern day technological and social developments. World dynamics shifted very swiftly from the Middle Ages to the age of enlightenment. People started realizing the worth of developing intellectually which is why the whole of western Europe got influenced by this movement that gave a futuristic and modernistic outlook for years to come. It is human nature to keep advancing and this is one major reason the Renaissance was able to transform Europe. A strictly economic perspective makes humans want to advance on the basis of three factors-preferences, beliefs, and rationality (Robson 89). This is the basic reason Renaissance can be said to occur in the first place, and flourish to please human nature. This research will focus on some ideological causes for the success of the Renaissance period as evident from examining the contributions of some of the major names of the Renaissance that changed the face of modern day education and arts. These include Dante Alighieri, commonly referred to as Dante, Giovanni Boccaccio, and Giorgio Vasari. The first two are mainly poets and philosophers but their

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