Causes Of Teenage Drug Abuse

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Teenage is very important stage in every individual’s life because it defines everything after that. This call for sound judgment for every decision that need to be made. This notwithstanding, the issue of sound judgment is marred by various limitation, especially the drug abuse. Drug abuse refers to the use of drugs in certain methods or amounts in a manner that is harmful to them or other individuals. This is usually associated with the use of alcohol, cannabis, and heroine among other hard drugs. Drug abuse usually leads to addiction that may affect the life of an individual in a negative way. It is important to note that drug abuse is related to the legal and illegal substances. In the contemporary society, approximately 23% are involved in drug abuse. The ever increasing statistics shows that the issue needs to be addressed in a more sustainable manner. In the journey to developing solution strategies, it’s important to understand the drivers and the effects of drugs abuse among the teenagers. Teenage can be a period of making nonsensical, reckless choices. It can be a period of living in the now, without thought for the outcomes that may take after. Subsequently, it is a period in which numerous youngsters attempt medications and liquor out of the blue. The normal time of substance utilizes start is in the vicinity of 13 and 14 years of age, in seventh and eighth grade, before one even enters secondary school. This is a frightening reality to confront. It is hard to
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