Causes Of The Age Of Imperialism

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Question did the First World War mark the beginning of the end for European imperialism? (YES)

The Industrial Revolution contributed to the prosperity of the capitalist system in Europe during the 19th century, this was reflected on the European community. The flourishing of the capitalist system in Europe during the 19th century caused the emergence of an imperial expansionist movement.
- What is the meaning of imperialism and what their motives? And which causes make this imperial movement disappear little by little?

I-European imperialism and its motives:

Imperialist expansionist colonialist movement, spearheaded by European countries during the 19th century, and has sought to provide
Foreign markets for demographic and
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The rise of nationalism basically killed the age of imperialism and the revolution made by human looking for their rights and the desire of every one to no longer want to live under someone else. Note also the European in-fighting had led to arise in the cost of maintaining colonies beginning of the end of imperialism. Conclusion:
World War I led to several changes inside and outside Europe, imperialism which existed before the war had dispersed step by step especially when the World War I took place and the political consequences were carrying signs of a second world war. That why one of major cause of the end of this imperial movement was certainly he outbreak of the First World War Ihe First World War marked the dramatic beginning of the end of European predominance over the globe Which
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