Causes Of The American Civil War

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The Civil War was one of the most momentous and pivotal periods in U.S history. After decades of tension between the North and South over matters involving expansion, slavery, and the states rights these caused the beginning of a horrific devastating time known as the American Civil War, that lasted between 1861-1865. Within these 4 long barbaric and destructive years, it led to an innumerous amount of political, social, and economical changes for the U.S. Leaving 2.4 million dead and millions injured it leaves us questioning, “What caused the Civil War”? The three main causes of the Civil War between the North and South were Battles over political power within the states, the fight for keeping/abolishing slavery, and Economical…show more content…
In document I we see the story of John Brown. Both northerners and southerners were outraged with John Brown and with the all situation which brought attention to slavery. Slavery started to cause disputes and hatred/violence as seen in the quote from Doc I “outraged mobs assaulted whites who were suspected of holding anti slavery views” this was affecting the colonies and lead to problems. The fight for slavery helped cause the Civil war because it led to disruption and violence within the union, as well as leading up to secession of the south. Another significant cause of the Civil war was conflict between the North and South was Economical problems they went through. The South and North were disparate in terms of their economy. The south relied more on farming and agriculture unlike the North who relied mostly on factories and industrialization. In Document A we see there is more wealth and population in the north, and the cotton industry and slave density depended on the South. Without slavery the economy would go down meaning the South needed the North. In Document B we see that the South Depended on cotton for a vast amount of their money. We can also tell that the North had a better economy because of their industry. Using Documents A and B we can see that Economical problems led to the Civil War because The South was very vulnerable without the North, so the

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