Causes Of The American Revolution Dbq

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The American Revolution was the culmination of tension between the free-thinking and developing Colonists and the dominating and tax-imposing British. The war lasted from 1776 to 1783, but the most important part of the war was the events leading up to it, in which Colonists began to develop democratic thoughts about their social, political, economic, and religious life. People began to understand democratic ideas and it’s benefits, and many decided to make an active effort to increase the amount of democracy in their life. Democratic is defined as favoring or characterized by social equality. A democratic lifestyle is a fair and equal one, and the years leading up to the revolution brought a democratic environment to the Colonies. Despite lack of greater property distribution, the 1700s brought great democratic change to Colonial America, which experienced a democratic movement religiously in the separation of church and state, which led to social changes including slavery and new thinking, that led to democratic and intellectual political reforms.
Although wealth and property distribution were not changed democratically, the ideas relating to property distribution and commercial success were democratic and showed democratic progress. A chart of the wealthiest adult white males in Wethersfield in 1756 and 1775 shows the rich people in the town staying rich, as 4 out of the 5 wealthiest people kept the wealth within their families (Document D). The wealthy citizens stayed
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