Causes Of The American Revolution Dbq

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The American Revolution was the most important event to ever take place in this country. This war took place from 1765-1783 and involved Great Britain and the United States of America. Without this revolution, the colonies would have never gained independence from Great Britain and the United States could still be under their control. However, this revolution did not occur without a cause, early Americans fought for independence because of unfair treatment from England. There were many causes to the Revolution including high taxes, unfair laws, and even colonists being killed. Many colonists were angered because of high taxes England chose to enforce on them. These taxes were a result of the British participation and victory in the French and Indian war. However, what made the colonists even more angry was the fact that they were being taxed without representation in England’s Parliament. The colonists thought that, in order to be taxed by the British, they should have representation in it. They saw it as unfair to be taxed by a government they had no say in. As Patrick Henry said in his speech made to the Virginia House of Burgesses, “We can under law be taxed only by our own representatives...The Stamp Act is against the law. We must not obey it…” (Doc. 1). Since many colonists thought this taxation broke the law, some of them chose to protest by going to the House of Burgesses, boycotting imports, or simply not paying it in response. This response is justified; if
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