Causes Of The American Revolution

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The American Revolution was a war between Great Britain and the 13 British Colonies. The revolution began in 1775, because taxes and power made many of the pioneers want to break away from Great Britain’s ruling. Taxation without representation was one of the main causes of the American Revolution; because the British were in debt after the French and Indian war, so the British decided to tax the colonist since they helped them with the war. The British then brought forth other acts that the colonist did not necessarily agree with (Henretta, Hinderaker, Edwards, & Self, 2015). The traditional theory that the Revolution was a political encounter was validated by most experts. They believed that is was caused by opposing views about how the American colonies should be overseen. By 1776, the British were dedicated to the understanding that Parliament must use unopposed power in all parts of the empire, including the power to tax Americans without their permission. Americans believed that they were permitted to certain essential rights, which put certain activities beyond the reach of any government. Inability to compromise on these ideas led in 1775 to an appeal to arms ("British-American Relations," n.d.). The British proposed new or higher taxes which helped contribute to the growth of the revolutionary movements. The British began taxing the colonies after coming out with victory in foreign wars. Some of the colonist became mad because the British raised taxes to pay off
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