Causes Of The Atlantic Slave Trade

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The leading cause of the Americas and the Europeans developing into astounding countries in the 15 - 16 centuries was that the North Americans profited from the exploitation of the slaves which were used as workers in the Americas in order to produce cheap materials for food and clothing. Like the slaves helping plant and harvest the cotton. One of the causes of the Atlantic Slave Trade is the Africans giving in to the Europeans and the Americans because they gave into getting the tobacco and materials. The Africans actually lost a lot of their people compared to what they got. There was in one way that it was a good thing for them and that is that they would have no problems that they would overpopulate. They are where they are now where they don’t have many food or people, but some of the food problems is because of their environment that they live in. The slaves were actually the enemies of the other Africans that traded them for the guns and materials. So in other words the Africans that traded them won the trade because they didn’t lose anything besides their enemies which was a good thing for the Africans. The Africans also got more land because of that to spread out and they could get more food and they would actually be better because of them trading those slaves, but it wasn’t the greatest solution for the Africans that were traded especially the ones that were traded to the southern americas. Another cause was that the Americas were just starting off so they
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