Causes Of The Black Death

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Illness and disease have always been around, however there were time periods in which it spread like wildfire and without warning. During the era 1346 through the 1350 the plague destroyed cities and wiped out everyone that came in contact of this disease. The Black Death is known for its unbelievable death rates and gruesome fatalities. With a disease like this and in a time without knowledge of correct medical healthcare, civilians were left to believe the unthinkable. Within the Christian and Muslim societies, they each had their very own interpretation of what the Black death was, how and why it was happening to them.
The doctors from the medieval times were sure that this epidemic was due to unhealthy air and nothing else. There wasn’t any type of antibiotics to cure this disease, and because they believed it was contaminated air, they did not have any form of stopping it. Both Muslim and Christians While the citizens accepted the diagnosis, it did not stop them from making up their very own assumptions about what was happening to their people. The Christian people strongly believed that the cause of the Black Death was a way that god was punishing those who have sinned and needed to be justified. “Based directly on biblical and classical precedents, a conviction of personal guilt and a need for individual and collective expiation were engendered in faithful Christian.” As for the Muslim community, they did not believe that the Black Death was part of God's punishment
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