Causes Of The Black Death In The Early Renaissance

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The Early Arrival of Death and Disease

In Renaissance times Europe was beginning to flourish culturally and economically; until a deadly disease called the black death swept away millions of Europeś people. The black death started as early as 1340 in China and eventually made its way to Europe by the 1350s. Also known as the plague, the black death originated in fleas which then lived in black rats. A person could take on the plague in which of two ways, bubonic or pneumonic plague. The black death was an extremely violent disease that killed off more than one-fourth of populations within the 1340s-18th century, and resulted in a change in medical practices, literature, and religious views.

The black death shocked Europe during the Renaissance by killing most of Europe's populations. says, “During the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance (1350-1450) the bubonic plague, also called the ¨Black Death¨ devastated one half of the population of Europe,” (“The Plague Begins”). A person could get infected by the plague through the air, the bite of a rat/flea, or through coming in contact with an infected person. The reason why the plague spread so quickly was because of traveling. If infected people who were boarded on ships came to trade in Europe, the air became infected and highly contagious. Soon after breathing the polluted air, people began experiencing
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The plague brutally killed millions of victims for many decades, but eventually helped develop more advanced medical practices and literature in the long run. The black death is such an important historical event because it provoked doctors to improve their practices. Without the plague we might not be as advanced with our medical technology today. When the plague declined during the middle of the 18th century, people had a better understanding for why things happen the way they
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