Causes Of The Black Death

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The Black Death was the largest epidemic the world had ever seen at the time of its occurrence, having wiped out mass amounts of people the plague came to shift European medieval society into the modern era. Such an epidemic caused people to have a new idea of life and death. In this essay I intend to argue a few key components that shaped medieval society’s outlook on life and death. Among the most significant in terms of the causes being, the black death was a divine punishment for their sins. I intend to argue another component of the outlook was the plague being so widespread. Another component playing a key role was the dissolution of traditions held prior to the Black Death. Additionally I will reason that the uncertainty of death played a role in the outlook on life and death. With regard to the spread of the Black Death the key component that shaped medieval society’s outlook on life and death during the plague was the utter scope of devastation. The Black Death showed no regard as to who it touched, it effected the rich, the poor, men, women and children all the same. The plague was so widespread among Europe that death in the thousands transformed into a frequent occurrence. The spread of the plague was understood by medieval society in terms of its transmission through air and through contact with the ill. During the course of the Black Death it was well known that if one were to come into contact with those stricken with the illness he soon became the

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