Causes Of The Civil Rights Movement

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The Civil Rights Movement was an unforgettable era in American History because it has influenced so much of this countries laws and norms, making what was at a time acceptable in this country extremely unacceptable and unpracticed. This inevitable struggle for freedom, natural human rights, and acceptance was a violent and non-violent volatile reaction to a broken and unjust system. Many leaders and citizens fought for the freedom and justice of the minorities in the United states of America during the Civil Rights movement, by using unique approached, strong strategies, and intelligence to earn this respect and freedom. Civil Rights leaders like the well-known Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and many other influential people bravely led the Civil Rights Movement and creating a new America where “the system of Jim Crow segregation and racism was reformed and eliminated”1 Additionally, the cause of the Civil Rights Movement, the various forms of protest, and the aftermath of the movement will be discussed throughout this essay, and the reader will be able to gain a stronger understanding of the Civil Rights Movement as a whole.
On December 6, 1865, slavery was officially abolished because of the ratification of the 13th amendment of the United States, but social injustice, racism, and abuse was very prominent for decades after the abolishment of slavery. “African Americans were still being lynched at a high rate and public schools where still very segregated” throughout the

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