Causes Of The Civil War

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What Caused the Civil War? Around 620,000 Americans died in the Civil War. This war suffered the most casualties of any war by around 250,000 soldiers (“Civil”). Many believe that slavery was the cause of the Civil War. Others have varying opinions such as the economy and states’ rights having a play in the cause of the Civil War as well. As you now know, the Civil War was a very gruesome war, but the Civil War has a lot of facts and important U.S. history behind it as well. One cause of the Civil War is considered to be economy. First, I will talk about how the Northern economy affected the cause of the Civil War. The Northern economy was based around factory economy; because of this the North had more stuff than the South. The North had five times as many factories as the South, and about 90% of the skilled workers worked in the North. In the North, labor came with a pricey amount. The North liked tariffs because the tariff on imported goods was very high making their prices seem low compared to foreign countries, such as England (Schulman). This means that the North would have the upper-hand in the war because they were able to produce valuable items quicker and cheaper than the South because of their important resources. In contrast to the North’s economy, the South’s economy was primarily slave and cotton economy. Even though was Southern white families did not own slaves; slavery was a big part of the Southern economy. In 1793, Eli Whitney created cotton gin.

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