Causes Of The Civil War

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The Civil War was fought in the United States of America between the northern and southern states starting in 1861 and ending in 1865. The Civil War was the most significant time in the history of America. The Civil War was to be thought as the shaping of the American individual. The northerners and the southerner’s views on this war were different. The northerners viewed it as a revolutionary war and the southerners viewed it as rebellion. The war started out due to the many differences between the northern and southern states. Between these two regions laid economic, social and political differences, with slavery being the main root of the differences. As the war ended it caused many social and economic changes. One huge change was the abolishment of slavery. Race relation and slave confusions were tearing up the country’s political and social architecture. I believe that the Civil War has changed the way we look at this world today because once the Civil War came to an end it abolished slavery. Slavery is the main cause of the Civil War with other contributing factors. The north had already abolished slavery, but it was still present in the south. The start of the war was created by the north having abolishment of slavery and the south still using slaves. The concepts of the Constitution were based on the principles of freedom and liberty that all men were created equal. The American revolutionaries had fought for independence, they had forgotten to think about

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