Causes Of The Crusades

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The Crusades was two centuries of intermittent warfare throughout the Middle Ages where the Christians of Europe tried to take back control of Jerusalem and the Holy Land from the Muslims between 1095 and 1291, the stated motive was to recover the Holy Land from Muslim forces, when it came to a final point it would be seen that the Crusades encouraged expansion of trade and learning in Europe’s development. On November 1095, Pope Urban II calls out the First Crusade, to their success the First Crusade was a big victory. The beginning of the Crusades was a grand call for Pope Urban II, afterwards the rest of the Crusades were a significant failure. By the end of the 11th century, Western Europe had come out as a sizeable power in its personal right, despite the fact that they fell again at the back of different Mediterranean civilizations, such as the eastern half of the Roman Empire, referred to as the Byzantine Empire, and the Islamic Empire of the center east and north Africa. Nevertheless, Byzantium lost a significant part of the territory because of the truth that the Seljuk Turks invaded. After years of chaotic civil wars, in 1098 Alexius Comnenus was in control of the Byzantine throne and controlled over the rest of the empire, he become referred to as Emperor Alexius I. Alexius got a Turkish threat, in 1095 he sent envoys to Pope inquiring for troops from the west to help confront the Turkish hazard.. The relationships of Christians in the east and west had been

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