Causes Of The Downfall In Macbeth

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Macbeth the Pupit
Macbeth headstrong or a spineless man? Three witches told Macbeth he would be king one day and Banquo's children would be king too. Macbeth gets talked into killing Duncan by Lady Macbeth. This starts his infatuation with becoming king and he has everyone in his way killed and goes back to the witches to learn his fate. He laughs at what they tell him because its very outlandish and because of his arrogance is ultimately killed. The three witches cause Macbeth’s downfall because they had the most control over his life.
Lady Macbeth has the least control over Macbeth, she has some control but it is very rare. Lady Macbeth says “I laid their daggers ready”(Doc C). At which point she tells Macbeth to kill King Duncan, so Macbeth can become king. Macbeth comes back some time later and says “I have done the deed.” Then Lady Macbeth notices Macbeth still has the daggers, Macbeth says he won’t go back so Lady Macbeth says “Give me the daggers.”(Doc C). At first Lady Macbeth has control over Macbeth and gets him to kill Duncan so he can become king, but after killing him and coming back to her Macbeth still has the daggers and won’t take them back even with her yelling at him. Her control is definitely a factor in Macbeth's actions but it is not a strong as it seems.
Macbeth has substantially more control over his actions then Lady Macbeth but even he doesn’t have the most control. After the witches tell Macbeth he will be king one day he says “If chance will have
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