Causes Of The French And Indian War In Colonial America

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During 1754-1776, and the years following the French and Indian War in colonial America, the colonies increasingly unified because of British reaction to colonial revolts and imposition of heavily enforced policies. As a result of British policies, colonists fought for a voice in British Parliament, organized colonial meetings, and created their own form of government, causing the unification of British colonists and eventually leading to the American Revolution.
As a result of the French Indian War Great Britain was very financially unstable. They needed money to pay back the debt they established from the war and decided that because the colonists were the cause of the main conflicts in North America that a large tax burden should be placed on them. Many acts were passed by Britain to try to pay back money spent on troops, weaponry, etc. during the war. For example, the Stamp Act of 1765 required that all printed documents have a stamp indicating its value, paid at the expense of the colonists. This rather costly imposition of British policy caused the desire for representation in British Parliament, unifying the colonies for a common goal to achieve. The truth was that colonists didn’t mind being taxed, however they wanted to be able to share their viewpoint to British legislators who imposed the taxes. This in turn caused the Stamp Act Congress Resolves of 1765. This document that was sent to the crown of Britain requested that their be no taxation without without
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