Causes Of The French Revolution

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The French Revolution occurred from 1789 to 1815 and had multiple causes that triggered this remarkable series of events. There were three main reasons for the start of this revolution, from having a weak leader to a failing economy. The first cause originated from the idea that the Enlightenment spread that everyone should be equal. The Enlightenment caused a climate of opposition in society; many ideas from enlightenment thinkers were dispersed throughout the public, causing contradictory. These thinkers were John Locke, who mainly focused on the natural rights of man, Tabula Rasa, Montesquieu, who developed the Separation of powers theory, which dealt with equal distribution of power in the government, and Rousseau, who was very against Divine Right and created the Social Contract. We can additionally credit the American Revolution, as a model for the French Revolution as it inspired the people that change is possible. France had a political and social system called the Old Regime, in which the French were divided into three classes (Estates). In this class structure the people were certainly not treated fairly as the Third Estate, which consisted of the peasants, city workers and bourgeoisie, paid extremely unreasonable taxes (about half their income) while the First Estate (Roman Catholic Clergy) and Second Estate (Nobles) paid almost nothing. Taxes were not the only things that angered the Third Estate, but also the distribution of property, as stated in document
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