Causes Of The French Revolution

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The French Revolution, possibly the most important time in French history. This was the peak of French power and influence on the world. The revolution took a very bloody turn and still stuck to its original values from 1798. The French Revolution developed from many different causes, but originated from the treatment the peasants got from the monarchy. Countries ruled by a monarchy were not very prosperous if you weren't of the nobility rank. Social inequality plagued France, a class system separated the people. Nobles, made up 3% of the population, and the other 97% were the peasants. Life for the peasants were very strainful and tough. Famine, poor, no medicines to fight bacteria or infections, and small dirty homes, these are a few ways to describe the peasant life of France. On the other hand monarchs lived the big life. Elegant parties, abundance of food, big and fancy mansions, the rich life if you will. Since the government was an absolute monarchy, all basic rights of the peasants were denied and the people were forced to live in these harsh conditions. Land distribution between the estates were not very equal either. 45% of the land in France was owned by 3% of the population, the clergy and the nobles. And the other 55% of the land was owned by the 97% of the population, the peasants. The monarchs were spending more money than they were bringing, this causes crippling debt. The monarchy taxes the peasants, who are already poor, and this only upsets them more.
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