Causes Of The French Revolution

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Bloodshed, hunger, anger, chaos, and abuse. These were all things that characterized the French Revolution. Through the terrible depression of this time, many people were driven to rise up against the French government, resorting to violence and inciting chaos, as this seems like the only way for the voices of the French citizens to reach the ears of the nobility. The simplest thing such as the hunger of the people and the prices of bread are being ignore by the ruling class of the nation. Though the weight of these issues is quite hefty, there are better ways to go about addressing them than nonsensical violence. The French Revolution brought many issues to the country, it came to quickly causing instability from rapid change to radical new ideas based on somewhat flawed views of human nature, and as the Revolution progresses the violence will get worse, causing the government to strike back at its own people. One of the main issues with the French Revolution is that it's trying to incite change to quickly, causing a rapid expulsion of traditions and in turn causing the civilization to become unstable. Civilizations are built over centuries and much of the foundation for a country are built over time with the buildup of the traditions of that country's people. These beliefs and traditions are what made that country function and flourish in the first place, so if you remove them, in essence the nation is being forcefully returned to a previous state which in turn causes a
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