Causes Of The Holocaust Genocide Essay

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WHY DID THE HOLOCAUST HAPPEN? Since the mass genocide of the Jews in the second world war historians have been debating over who was to blame for this atrocity. In this essay I will discuss who was the main perpetrator of this crime against humanity. Most agree that this was the fault of the Nazis or Hitler but in this essay, I will prove how it was more than just this and how there are many different reasons and circumstances to consider. The holocaust is a repeatedly studied event in history as we must understand it and how it happened to stop it from happening again. It is defined as ‘The mass murder of the Jewish population and other minorities under the Nazi regime during the time period of January nineteen thirty-three and ended officially around the eighth of may nineteen fourty five’. Over 6 and a half million Jewish people were murdered with official death victims being much higher with around 17 million people deaths.
These people were killed mainly on mass in concentration camps, the largest one being Auschwitz, which was made up of three camps. One was where the young men were worked until they died of regular disease outbreaks or malnutrition from the one piece of bread a day. The other was used for medical experiment to be performed on the prisoners – which more often than not resulted in slow and painful deaths and operations. The final was the extermination camp where prisons were treated like cattle and crammed into pitch black
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