Causes Of The Russian Revolution

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Betina Velasco Mr. Lira MWH, 6th period October 26, 2014 Causes of the Russian Revolution For three centuries before the revolution, life in Russia was not peaceful. It was cold, hard, and bitter instead. “The end of serfdom was a major event in Russia; yet it just wasn 't enough.”, in 1861. Serfdom, under feudalism, is the the status of peasants in which they are bound to a lord, or master, works on their land, and can be sold like property. Despite serfs being given ‘freedom’, Russia was mostly ruled by the czar and nobles. The average person was, and stayed, poor. Therefore, World War I was not the main cause of the Russian revolution. This outdated feudal class structure, inability to modernize, lack of peace, and czars’ inept leaderships lead to the Russian Revolution. First of all, the class structure was one of the main causes of the revolution in Russia. In the early 1900s, about “90% of Russia’s population were serfs, peasant-slaves” (youtube doc.). They were owned by less than “7% of Russia’s population, the nobles” (youtube doc.). The nobles treated them like currency, even using them for gambling. These nobles were overprivileged and live in the complete opposite way of how serfs lived, dirt poor, illiterate, and virtually without rights. Meanwhile, less than “2% of the population were clergymen of the Eastern Orthodox church” (youtube doc.). They too lived considerably worse than the nobles. The clergy
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