Causes Of The Salem Witch Trials

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Jacob Van’t Zelfde Dr. Sweetman Classic Literature 2 October 2017 The Salem Witch Trials The Salem witch trials were an important event in American history. However this affected more than Salem, the ripples from these trials swept throughout the United States. Over two hundred “witches” where accused and twenty where killed. Later the judges admitted that they had been mistaken and tried to make it right but frictions lasted for a long time after word. (Blumberg, 2007) The main reason behind the Salem Witch Trials was fear. The location of Salem was a town that was on the edge of the settled colonies. Therefor the settlers of this area had many reasons to fear death, by starvation, sickness, or being killed and scalped by the Native American that lived in the forest. The people that lived in constant fear took it out on the weaker people. These weaker people where; the old, the poor, and women. When the movement started this fear compelled the people to take action. (Salem Witch Trials, 2011) These trials started in Salem when some young girls had fits. The doctor said it was because of witches and the town blamed several women. Titub, one of the accused, was a slave form the Caribbean. Sarah Good, another, was a homeless beggar. Sarah Osborne, an elderly impoverished woman, was the third accused. These three where imprisoned and where tried. Two of them, Osborne and Good, refused to confess, but finally Titub confessed to associating to with the devil. The trials of

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