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There is no excuse for the horrible things Nazi Germany did during World War II. However, we get a better idea as to how that war started by learning about how World War I ended. The Versailles Treaty was created by the winners of World War I, like France, Great Britain, and the United States to make peace. How did it help contribute to an even worse war less than twenty years later. The Treaty Of Versailles helped cause World War II by treating Germany harshly. This harsh treatment can be seen in three areas: territorial losses, economic losses and ¨ war guilt.¨ One way the Versailles Treaty treated Germany harshly was by territorial losses. As a result of the proceeding of signing the Treaty of Versailles, numerous precious areas of German territory were taken away. Amongst these were the Polish Corridor and Alsace Lorraine (Doc A). All of which provided an abundance of natural resources. These resources included coal and the loss of these lands reduced German coal production by 40% (Doc A). Germans living in areas such as the Polish Corridor often resented their new nation and remained loyal to Germany. They were exasperated at their new leaders. Germany was also eager to take back the land they had…show more content…
There were other reasons that the Versailles treaty upset Germany and therefore contributes to World War II. For example, the territorial losses, the economic losses and the war guilt helped cause World War II. However the main underlying cause of the War was the War Guilt. In this the Germans felt humiliated and angry. Adolf Hitler was able to use this anger to to build German pride and strengthen the military. This evidently led to the formation of the Nazi party. The Germans were suffering from the losses the Treaty of Versailles and as a result Adolf Hitler took power which later he would help cause World War

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