Causes Of The Treaty Of Versailles Essay

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The Treaty of Versailles, the failure of the League of Nations and Hitler and the Nazi party were the main causes of WW2 …

The Treaty of Versailles caused Germany to lose 13% of its territory, 75% of its oil deposits and 26% of their coal. The size of their army and navy was also made smaller, and air forces and submarines were forbidden. The Germans also had to accept ‘war guilt’ and pay £6,000 million which can be converted to $1272 2924 802.69 in Australian Dollar (AETN UK, 2015). The Treaty of Versailles was really hard on the Germans and they were forced to accept the responsibility for starting world war one. It took the Germans 91 years to pay for ‘war guilt’ (Ryan Gibson, 2015). Being blamed for ‘war guilt’ angered heaps of the Germans and made them want to fight back, which was the cause of world war two. It also made the Germans angry because before world war one, they, the Germans, were a very powerful country and The Treaty of Versailles made them a weaker country. The Treaty of Versailles also
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Hitler wasn’t very secretive about his plans to break the Treaty of Versailles and gain back some of the original German territory. Everything Hitler did was ‘geared’ towards war, ever since he came to power in 1933. Majority of the Germans saw Hitler as someone who could help and fix the country, and change Germany for the better (2014, Sarah Hoffman). Hitler started up the Nazi Party because the Treaty of Versailles had made their country economically depressed and politically unstable, and they thought it was extremely unfair on Germany especially because they made them pay lots of money for ‘starting’ the First World War. Hitler did lots of things to convince the rest of the Germans that what he was doing was the right thing. if he wasn’t there world war two wouldn’t have happened and that is why Hitler and the Nazi Party is one of the main causes of world war
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