Causes Of The Treaty Of Versailles

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3. The Treaty of Versailles was created in 1919 after World War I. People have varying opinions on the treaty, some say it was too harsh and others say it wasn’t harsh enough. The treaty established a League of Nations and made a big impact on Germany. Germany had to reduce their military; they lost overseas territory and territory to France and Poland. “They decided the Rhineland region along the border between France and Germany would be a “demilitarized” zone for fifteen years.” (1010) In addition, they also had to make reparations payments to the allies that cost billions of dollars. Reparation payments made by Germany kept the country dangerously weak, impoverished, and eager for revenge during the 1920’s. (1010) The treaty also included a “War Guilt Clause” which forced Germany to admit guilt for causing World War I, which bound them to paying the reparations. “As a result of the Great War, four long-standing multinational empires had disintegrated: the Russian, Austro-Hungarian, German, and Ottoman (Turkish).” (1011) The treaty was signed by Germany on June 28th, 1919 in the glittering Hall of Mirrors at Versailles.
Unfortunately, when Wilson returned to the United States with the treaty of Versailles it never got ratified. When he first arrived back he had support for the treaty from many governors and a third of state legislatures. But he was very stubborn and unwilling to make any changes to the treaty so it could be ratified. Senator Henry Cabot Lodge strongly
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