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Causes of the War of 1812 The War of 1812 was fought between the United States and Great Britain from June 1812 to the spring of 1815 (Findling, 15). When the war began, it was being fought by the Americans to address their grievances toward the British, though toward the end, the issues eventually were unjustified and reasons manipulated. There is no single cause for the War of 1812 but instead, several related causes, such the influence of the War Hawks, the impressments as well as the Embargo and Non-Intercourse acts, and the British's possible interference with the Indian Nations, and land ownership disputes between the Natives and Americans, ultimately leading to the Battle of Tippecanoe. The War Hawks were a group of 20…show more content…
The Hawks were confident that Britain would yield to US demands if it saw America considering military battle. Any way, Britain was already involved with the Napoleonic Wars in Europe, thus being short on money and men. Ultimately, the War Hawks convinced majority of congress to vote in favor of this "Second Struggle for Liberty". Though a few rebellious congressmen fought over little details, everyone agreed that it wasn't realistic to expect a peaceful and diplomatic conclusion to the constant divergence with Britain. In the early 19th century, Britain and France were engaged in a life-or-death struggle. After much war through the years, France dominated a lot of Europe, though Britain was the ruler of the seas. When it became obvious that neither side was likely to win a decisive military contest, the warring nations turned to commercial warfare: Britain tried to blockade all of Europe, and France attempted to prevent the sale of British goods in their possession(, War of 1812). During the 1790s, French and British maritime policies produced several crises with the United States, but after 1803 the difficulties became much more serious. In November of 1807, Britain issued a trade regulation called an Order in Council, which compelled all neutral ships to either call at British ports or be subject to a search by British authorities. A month later, Napoleon decreed

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