Causes Of Unemployment And Its Effects On The Health Of A Country 's Economy

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Employment is an activity or the like that occupies a person 's time. Unemployment on the other hand can be simply defined as when a person in search of “employment” or “job” is unable to find employment or work. It is also said to be when an individual of working age seeking a job is unable to obtain any. Unemployment is a criteria used to diagnose the health of a country’s economy health. It is a big challenge the country Nigeria has battled with for years now and has maintained a rising trend over the years. The standard of living of Nigerians deteriorate more every passing day, week, month, and year due to the rapidly increasing rate of unemployment in Nigeria. There are various causes of unemployment in Nigeria such as; Low standard of education, corruption, lack of steady power supply, high rate of tribalism, total neglect of the agricultural sector, lack of skills, poor morals, poor planning by the government, poor mechanisation, fraud, war and the list goes endless. All these points affect the countries employment rate in many ways than we know it. The case of low standard of education can be considered the key factor responsible for unemployment in the sense that, the educational system of Nigeria is a mess and at a state of chaos and disaster due to factors like; malpractice and insufficient funding etc. Seeing that the world is developing into a global community, many jobs today require some what level of education ranging from first school leaving certificate
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