Causes Of Water Crisis On Kenya

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According to the United Nations, Kenya’s citizens are one of the most struggling populations in the world. In recent investigations of factors affecting Kenya, water scarcity appears as one of its key problems that require addressing. This is due to the fact that water provides the basis for sustainability and development, both which have halted from its lacking. As a result, the Kenyan population finds itself battling with this reality and attempting to manage day to day life with the scarce existence of this resource. Despite government and international attempts to mitigate the crisis, the Kenyan population continues to struggle due to the lack of water. This paper seeks to analyze the causes of the water crisis in order to expose how it is an issue that requires immediate attention to stabilize Kenya. It will discuss problems within and outside the water sector in order to explain their broader implications. Specifically, how climate change and geographical realities in combination with poverty, poor political management all result in poor health and a stagnating economy. Finally, the paper will analyze and access proposed solutions in order to attempt to provide a form of guidance for this crucial problem. Water scarcity is not a recent phenomenon in Kenya. Kenya faces problems within and outside of its water sector. Generally speaking, Kenya is a dry country with eighty percent of its land being arid and semi-arid . The amounts of land available for agricultural
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