Causes Of Water Pollution Around Australia

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What are the causes of water pollution around Australia? INTRODUCTION Water is a precious resource for Earth and is vital for our survival. Water pollution is threatening all of our water supply and is an issue that is becoming more and more noticed as times go on. Water pollution is also a major issue around the coastal zones of Australia. It is affecting many things in the world including animals, plants and humans. This is an issue that is caused by the waste and needs of humans. Some causes of this issue include marine dumping, sewage and waste water, oil spills and underground leakages. MARINE DUMPING Marine dumping is basically littering, a thing that humans do even though we know it is bad for the environment. It is the disposal…show more content…
That is another huge cause of water pollution in Australia. Everything that is flushed from your toilet and all the water that is used for washing your clothes is counted in sewage and waste water. The sewage and waste water are meant to go to a treatment plant where it is then treated to be environmentally safe and harm-free but in some cases, the water does not get treated right or at all and that is what causes the issues. The untreated sewage could contaminate the area where it was disposed causing the animals there to become sick and even some of the humans in the area. There are a lot of people in Australia and sometimes, the sewage just has nowhere to go. Just imagine that you were one of the animals that once lived in the clean and beautiful rivers and oceans but suddenly you just had a load of sewage and waste water let into your home. This could lead to animals losing their homes which could also lead to habitat fragmentation. OIL SPILLS Oil is a resource that we humans need and sometimes the oil is transported in ships and mined from underwater. There have been many cases where the ships that carried the oil have had a leakage. All the oil that was in the ship would be let out into the ocean. This is an issue because oil and water do not mix. It leaves a layer of oil on top of the water and it can affect everything in the area for a very long time. This usually requires human action for the
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