Causes Of Women's Rights Movement

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Women’s Rights Movement CBA Phyalisha Lo 7W My conflict is the Women’s Rights Movement, or women’s suffrage. This event took place not just in the United States but also in Britain.People such as, Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, were a huge part of this movement. The start of this movement began in 1848 and lasted until the 1920’s. I believe the main cause for the Women’s Rights Movement is, women thought that they should have equal rights as men. If women were able to do what men did in the first place, things might of been a little bit different.Oh yeah, and if you want to know exactly what it was just start reading. Could the Women’s Suffrage been avoided? Honestly, the answer is a yes and no. Women’s Suffrage could have been avoided if men treated women equally. But at the same time even if women were able to do the same things as men, there would still always be men that wouldn’t treat women equally. You can’t change what men think about women, no matter what you do. So no matter if women were treated “equally”, women could still be disrespected by men. Conflicts can be started in many different ways. One of the big ways is by people disagreeing with each other. People can disagree on stupid things like if hot dogs are better than hamburgers (or the other way around). But we can disagree on big problems. For example, if women should be treated just as equally as men. In my opinion, women should be treated equally because we are all human and should be
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