Causes Of Wrongful Convictionss

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Wrongful convictions happen when innocent people are found guilty in criminal trials, or when people are pressured into confessing to crimes they did not commit to evade the death penalty or extreme sentences. These false convictions are a terrible injustice that can demolish a person's life while letting a guilty person be free. The acts of false convictions have not gone unnoticed by the legal system. The amount of these cases have motivated awareness and projects that help free wrongfully convicted prisoners. More than fifty percent of the states do not legally offer compensation for people that have to endure this injustice. While the number of states that do provide reimbursement has risen in the past years, there are more than just financial problems facing these people. New compensation laws give health and restorative services along with cash compensation. These convictions have become a big problem in America, and all the people that experience this issue deserve guidance and support to restore their life.
Many factors can cause a wrongful conviction, while most are due to honest mistakes it's still concerning that a small percentage is caused by negligence or perjury. According to the Innocence Project mistaken eyewitness is the leading cause of wrongful convictions. Experts place the error rate for eyewitness at around twenty-five percent. Since memory is malleable, it can change under the influence of questioning. In regards to the seventy-five percent success

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