Essay On The Causes Of World War II And Appeasement

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Causes Of WW2 and Appeasement

As a result from World War 1 governments were in shambles, economies were destroyed, and leaders were lacking skills needed to maintain people in these conditions . The world was once again a ticking time bomb. Between the end of World War One and the start of World War Two these effects were felt all over the world. Many people have different ideas on how World War Two was caused. However it was not one single event that set of the war, it was an accumulation of many problems that built up over time. Though many factors contributed in starting the war there were three that were the most prominent, these were, the effects of the Treaty of Versailles, Hitler 's actions, and the failure among the league of nations. The treaty left people starving, impoverished ,and furious. Hitler was not a man of his word, which created many complications among countries. The League of Nations was an international group created to help keep world peace. Failure among the League of nations caused war, because there was no one that was able advocate peace. In conclusion, many small events pathed the way for war however effects of the The League Of Nations, Treaty Of Versailles, and Hitler 's goals were 3 large events that turned the tides of war.

The League of Nations was an international organization set up in 1919 to help keep world peace. The League was part of Woodrow Wilson 's 14 point plan, and also in the Treaty Of Versailles. The league followed
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