Causes, Strategies And Events Over The Three Day Battle Of Gettysburg

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1. Outline the commanders, strategies and events over the three day battle at Gettysburg. Include all key locations and events.

In June of 1863, General Lee made the decision to bring war to the North. His plan began with destroying the railroad bridge at Harrisburg, and then bring their attention to either Philadelphia, Baltimore or Washington depending on which interested them most when the time came. As the Confederate forces marched North, they rummaged through towns for supplies. While searching through Gettysburg, troops led by General Pettigrew had spotted General Buford’s cavalry on a nearby ridge. The Battle of Gettysburg began on July 1, 1863, when Confederate troops attacked the Union cavalry on McPherson Ridge. The Union was outnumbered but managed to stand their ground, and were able to push enemy forces back after reinforcements help from John Reynold’s Infantry unit. The Union was able to prevail until they were overpowered by fresh southern troops. They were pushed back through the town, and thousands of Union soldiers were captured before the were able to make it to Cemetery Hill, located south of Gettysburg. The Union’s defence attempts went long into the night, and struggled after the arrival of George Meade and his forces.

On the second day of the battle, the majorities of the both armies were close to a mile apart on parallel ridges; The Union forces were on Cemetery Ridge and the Confederate forces were on Seminary Ridge. Lee assessed the positions of the enemy and decided against the suggestions of his second in command, James Longstreet, who wanted to attack the Union where the stood. Lee came up with the plan to have Longstreet lead an attack on the Union left while Ewell attacked the right. Around four o’clock in the evening, Longstreet’s forces opened fire on Union forces led by Daniel Sickles. Sickle’s line of defence stretched from the nest of rocks known as “Devil’s Den” into a peach orchard, as well as a close by wheat field and into the base of an area known as Little Round Top. The bloody battle raged for several hours, and the Union was only able to hold on to Little Round Top as the lost Devil’s Den, the field and the orchard. Sickles was wounded in combat but

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