Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments of Unipolar and Bipolar Disorder

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Causes and 2 Unipolar and bipolar disorders are fairly common and they can have devastating effects to an individual. There has been much study and documentation on these disorders. This paper will review the causes of both unipolar and bipolar disorders. The symptoms of both of these disorders will be highlighted and discussed. Treatment options will be reviewed that are available to individuals who find that they are suffering from these disorders. Unipolar disorder is characterized by an individual feeling only depression without the mood swing of extreme happiness. There are many theories about what can cause unipolar disorder. Genetics may play a key role. If a person comes from a family where depression occurs, that family should…show more content…
They are also similar in that there is limited success with these approaches. The cognitive approach consists of four phases and is very effective in helping people overcome depression. The phases start with increasing the individual’s life activities which elevates their mood, the second phase forces individuals to change their automatic negative thoughts so they will be more positive, the third phase takes the new positive attitude and applies that thinking to the individual’s sense of what is happening in their life, the fourth and final stage is to change the primary attitudes that allowed the depressive behavior to begin (Chapter 7, 2009). There are not nearly as many treatments for bipolar disorder. In fact, there is only one treatment that seems to have lasting effects. This treatment uses therapy with a professional coupled with medications. “Antibipolar drugs, also called mood stabilizers, help steady the mood of those with a bipolar disorder” (Chapter 2, 2009). The advances in treatment are due to the discovery of lithium as a medication. This drug works extremely well to eliminate manic episodes and even help with the depression. The drugs Causes and 5 must be used with therapy because it has been found that neither the drugs or therapy is enough by themselves. Both of these disorders are serious and require the attention of trained professionals. No one has agreed on the causes of these disorders but what is important

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