Causes and Consequences of Youth Unemployment

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However, the level of youth unemployment will change over time. Youth unemployment in an economy with a given labour force will increase if the number of workers gaining jobs is less than the number of people losing their jobs. Youth unemployment is a great challenge and priority for the Manchester city over a number of years. Over recent decades, government, local councils, different business organisation and non profit making organisation have taken measures to help tackling youth unemployment in Greater Manchester. However, one of five youngsters aged 16-24 present as unemployed in the labour market in Manchester each year. This report will first give an introduction about youth unemployment and briefly identify the causes and consequences about that, and then, will outline the current situation in Greater Manchester and analyse the solutions dealing with this issue regarding on secondary research. Finally, will give a conclusion and recommendations for future actions to tackle this challenges.

1.1 What is Youth Unemployment?

In general, youth unemployment may be simply defined as a situation where someone aged 18-24 is not able to get a job but would like to be in full employment. With refer to the International Labour Organisation (ILO) definition, a individual may be classified as youth unemployed when all persons…

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