Causes and Effects of Bullying

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Despite efforts to contain and eradicate bullying, bullies and bullying has not gone away and has been growing rather than declining. Bullying is a current issue that is controversial because there is little to no action against bullying, the damage done to the victims lead to horrible actions such as suicide, and although it is gaining awareness, many people have yet to realize the dangers of bullying. In order to address aggressive behavior in students, creators of a new policy concerning the standards for addressing aggressive behavior should consider the causes and effects of bullying. Just by looking at the causes and effects of bullying, it is impossible to measure the degree and the deep impact students go through; but by looking at the way bullies “work”, it is easier to understand the problem and fix it. Bullies often want power and, “when your only goal is the experience of dominance or control over others….that’s when things get ugly” (Hullett). This is a good thought and while looking at the patterns of bullying may help tremendously, it does not give a full comprehension of bullying and the outcomes while researching the causes and effects do. Also, just by looking at the patterns, it is possible to hone in on how quickly things escalate and why they do, however, this does not look into the “big…
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