Causes and Effects of Work Related Stress

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According to world health organization (WHO; 1986) When people are presented with work demands and pressures that is contrast to their knowledge and skills and challenge their abilities, those work demands and pressures result in the response called work related stress. Work related stress could occur at any level of organization including managers and lower faculty.
Causes: Normally work related stress occurs in poor and unsatisfactory working conditions but it become more severe when the supervisors and colleagues do not support their subordinates. Second reason for work related stress is poor work design means if the job is designed in such a way that employer do not have control over the work or they it would lead to the work related stress. Thirdly poor management also create work related stress as If the managers are not able to control the system in efficient way it would create disturbance in the organization leading to work related stress or sometimes when the management system is changed most of the employers are not able to adapt to the change and become the victim of stress. Fourthly the extreme workload leads to the work related stress because in such condition employees do not find proper time for mental relaxation. Fifth reason of work related stress is fear of losing the job. Several other reasons could also create the work related…
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