Essay on Causes and Effects of the Cold War

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Causes and Effects of the Cold War
The Cold War, though never involving any fighting on either side, resulted in one of the biggest scares the U.S. society and government had ever experienced. The Cold War was all in all an extended period of political and military tensions between the United States and our allies in the Western Bloc, and the pre-existing Soviet Union and their allies involved in the Warsaw Pact. If not had been dealt with very carefully, the Cold War would’ve gained a new name after much likely nuclear warfare between world powers.
This caused the U.S. to put a new step in their strategy to contain communism. The U.S. started taking the side of any anti-communist country that the USSR tried to gain control of. This was known as the Truman Doctrine, the name being taken after President Truman gave a speech which outlined his plans to stop the Soviet Union’s influence of communism. He announced that 400 million dollars would be set aside to aid countries under the threat of the USSR. This then resulted in the Marshall plan along with this strategy of containment. The Marshall plan was meant to rebuild the economic systems of Europe, and to also challenge any countries attempt to Europe’s existing power, this being directed toward the communist parties of the USSR that were currently trying to do so. Truman then strengthened the U.S. Department of Defense by forming the CIA and The NSC following the announcement of the Marshall Plan.
With political tensions…

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