Essay on Causes and Factors Involving Aircraft Accidents

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This term paper reviews the three most common catagories of aviation accident causes and factors. The causes and factors that will be discussed are human performance, environmental, and the aircraft itself. Although flying is one of the safest means of transportation, accidents do happen. It is the investigators job to determine why the accident happened, and who or what was at fault. In the event of an accident, either one or all of these factors will be determined as the cause of the accident. Also discussed will be one of the most tradgic plane crashes in aviation history and the human factors involved. With any accident investigation one of the main focuses is to determine the cause and factors involved in the accident.…show more content…
Environmental cause and factors were cited in 38% of these reports, and aircraft related cause and factors were cited in 24% (NTSB, 2010). Although human factors may contribute to so many aircraft accidents, they usually are the resulting cause of a contributing number of factors involved. Like for example a pilot may loss control of an aircraft do to the weather but if he lacks training on that aircraft he may not know how to regain control. So therefore, the weather would play a factor in the crash but the cause of the crash would be the pilot’s lack of training and his in-flight decision making and poor judgment. System Failures Another common cause is the aircraft itself. This is usually caused by mechanical failure. No aircraft is completely full proof and over time systems will malfunction. Murphy’s Law states that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Tragically, this sometimes applies to aviation accidents when mechanical failures occur. Aircraft can be very complicated with thousands of different parts that could fail at any moment. Although usually safe, it is the mechanics job to insure that those parts are all working properly together. Unfortunately, when accidents occur so many peoples lives could be at risk. Electrical System Failure Another system that can cause serious accidents is the electrical system. Pilots rely on the electrical system to control many instruments that are used to navigate and control the airplane and
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