Causes and Impact of Childhood Obesity

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Childhood Obesity Childhood Obesity Obesity is a burgeoning and threatening epidemic that is becoming more pervasive in the United States and around the world as time goes on. While life expectancy in the United States continues to rise, the incidences of obesity-related diseases such as diabetes and cancer are rising alarmingly fast as well. Children are among the hardest hit as they are some of the more vulnerable members of society due to their inability to care for themselves in many ways, their parents are often oblivious and/or uninformed as it relates to proper diet for the parents themselves or their kids and social pressures exerted on obese children in social situations such as school. Causes of Obesity Obesity and when it occurs depends on two major factors. The first of these two factors is diet. Some people consume mass amounts of calories. In addition, the sources of many of these calories are sugary soft drinks and carbohydrate-laden foods that are not generally healthy for anyone to eat. The second major factor is physical activity. Some people lead very active lifestyles while others are much more sedentary. Most people fall along the middle of that spectrum. Where obesity comes into play is when the balance of calories being consumed outstrips the amount of calories burned from physical activity and a person's resting heart rate. People that remain physically active have a higher resting calorie burn rate. They also consume calories through their
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