Causes and Spread of Infection Essay

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. Understanding the causes of infection 1.1 Identify the differences between bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. Bacterial and fungi infections are easy to cure with the use of antibiotics, where as viruses can be hard to cure or vaccinate against, such as the common cold. Bacteria can be found everywhere and anywhere Soil, Water, Plants, Animals, material and even deep in the earth's crust. Bacteria feed themselves by making there food with the use of sunlight and water. We would not be able to live without Bacteria. The human body consists of lots of friendly bacteria which also protect us from dangerous ones by occupying places in the body. Some of the most deadly diseases and devastating epidemics in human history have…show more content…
Infection is when foreign bodies such as bacteria, fungi and parasites invade your body these germs can cause disease and can even lead to amputation or even death in the host body. An infection may cause no symptoms or it may cause symptoms where you become really symptomatic and be hospitalized. 1.4-Explain what is meant by systemic infection and localised infection. A localised infection is an infection that is limited to a specific body part or region. Localised infection for example is tonsillitis, ear infection, and sinusitis A systemic infection is the opposite, which is when the infection is throughout the whole body or can affect a number of organs and tissues, so any infection in your blood stream is known as a systemic infection such as HIV/AIDS. Another example is Diabetes and hyper or hypo tension. 1.5-Identify poor practices that may lead to the spread of infection. Poor practices that can lead to the spread of infection can be: Poor hand hygiene - spread of germs from one patient to another or spread for hands to surfaces. Dirty equipment – having dirty equipment which is not cleaned between patients can spread infection very fast lots of bacteria can be spread on a blood pressure cuff for example. Over flowing waste bins, personal hygiene, keeping work spaces clean and tidy and washing of uniform. Understanding the transmission of infection. 2.1- Explain
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