Causes and Treatment of Addictions

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Causes and Treatment of Addictions Select three to five research studies which investigate the particular topic above. Write a short summary of each of the studies. 1. No effective pharmacological therapy currently exists for treating cocaine dependence. Meini et al (2011) suggested that aripiprazole and ropinirole may be successful arbitrators. They therefore conducted a quantitative study in order to determine the safety, tolerability and the effects of these drugs on 28 patients. The patients each possessing cocaine dependence - were randomly chosen, given the drugs, and their conditions carefully controlled for 12 weeks. A diagnostic assessment was performed using the ICD-9-CM criteria and the Mini International Neuropsychiatric Interview. Three other tests were also administered at baseline and weekly throughout the study. These were: the Clinical Global Impression Scale, a Visual Analogue Scale that assessed craving, and a self-report survey that monitored patients' use of cocaine. Urinalysis was carried out three times per week in order to investigate existence of benzoylecgonine (indicating cocaine dependence). 14 of the 28 participants completed the study, while no side effect was noted with those who had discontinued. Two of those who discontinued did so only because of technical issues: one patient had to have his dosage of ropinirole reduced due to fatigue; another reported moderate akathysia and therefore had to have his dose of aripiprazole reduced.
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