Causes anf Results of Communism in Eastern and Central Europe

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Communism was one of the political theories founded by Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx in the end of the 19th century . Both of these philosophers had the same point of view concerning the economic and political principles. Also, Communism brought up many changes to International Relations , and the body of the essay will describe the causes and results of Communism in Eastern and central Europe. In 1844 Engel and Marx started to discover interesting facts about Communism and no longer in 1848 they decided to write and publish ‘ Communism Manifesco’ , which was thought to be one of the best and influential political books ever. Under ‘Communism Manifesco’ all people were thought to be equal. The main idea for everyone was not to be…show more content…
A lot of countries were influenced by the Communism. Among them are: Eastern German and Poland, The Communism in Poland lasted for forty years that brought a new and specific changes in the government at the end of the Second World War. Poland had a really complicated situation because of Iosef Stalin and his Communist Party. He described his points of view in a very clear way, ‘Imposing Communism on Poland was as absurd as putting a saddle on a cow’. Moreover ,everything was under control of the Polish Government of Stalin, including a lot of spheres as culture, social aspects of life and economy. As government had all the power in their hands, people were absolutely deprived of power. That kind of period was strongly disliked by people and brought a lot of strikes, protections and even attacks. As the result, the Communism system had a bad influence on the development of Poland. Eastern German was also under the Communism regime. The historic German capital of Berlin, although in the East was a special case. Berlin itself was split into 4 sectors after the war. West Berlin was part of West Germany despite being completely surrounded by East Germany. The Eastern part of German was absolutely poor in all its aspects. The lack of food, transport and all the necessary goods lead to the panic. To prevent bad causes of that situation, German government
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