Causes of 2003 Us Iraq War

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Liberalism and Hegemonic Stability Theory
As Causes for the 2003 US-Iraq War Many factors went into the decision of United States leaders to enter into war with Iraq in 2003. These reasons can be related to various classical and modern theories on the causes of war between states. Though there are several stances and viewpoints on the righteousness or legality of the war on Iraq, an objective eye will notice that the real factors for going to war are neither grounded in righteousness nor law. They involve the maintenance of peace and power for those in control, in this case, the United States. The theories of Liberalism and Hegemonic Stability Theory both sufficiently account for the United States' main motivations for entering war
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Should the liberal state accomplish its goal of helping to establish a liberal state in the foreign country then it will be one condition closer to establishing a state of perpetual peace with that state from that point on. The tensions that exist between liberal and non-liberal states comes from the idea that autocratic non-republican states are much more likely to go to war over reasons that would not spur a liberal state towards the same ends. Doyle states in his 1986 essay, Liberalism and World Politics,
"Liberal states have been attacked and threatened by non-liberal states that do not exercise any special restraint in their dealings with the liberal states. Authoritarian rulers both stimulate and respond to an international political environment in which conflicts of prestige, interest, and pure fear of what other states might do all lead states toward war," [Doyle 1986, 296].

Doyle explains that the fears and egos of non-liberal rulers can easily lead them towards war. These same fears and egos can be checked by a liberal republican state structure. Should a liberal state notice this aggression and fear within a foreign state, and if the foreign state is becoming too powerful and threatens its existence, then there may be cause for the liberal state to make a preventive strike against the threatening non-liberal nation. Preventive wars are commonly thought of as a product of Hegemonic Stability Theory. Hegemonic Stability Theory
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