Causes of Childhood Obesity

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Food is a necessity for survival to everyone, especially children because the need food to stay healthy and grow. Too much food however, can be a problem to many children. This is referred to as obesity, when it occurs among children between ages 2 and 8 it is called childhood referred. Childhood obesity has been on the rise for the past few decades and it is making the lives of children shorter. Childhood obesity can be the outcome of many influences. Economic factors, an unmonitored environment, and lack of activity, are some effects of childhood obesity. To start with, the first and major reason causing children to be obese are economic factors. Economic factors can range from the household income, to the prices of food. Everything is dependant upon the household income, income is a probable contributor to obesity. Low income parents may not have the resources to afford the healthier foods and may not have the time to make these foods to feed their children. The low income parents also lack the money to pay for gym membership to go along with healthy eating which will definitely prevent a child from being obese. The second economic factor is the cost of food. Prices for the healthier foods are ridiculously expensive. Fast food which is most likely unhealthy food is always amazingly cheap and always ready to be eaten; while the healthier options like fruits and veggies are really expensive. Research shows that over…
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