Causes of Conflict

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Conflict is basically a disagreement between people because of the different pints of views that one another has that leads to possible confrontation; because one of the parties involved has taken what was said out of context and words exchanged were perceived as a threat of some sort. The causes for conflict can have many reasons. When a disagreement happens and it is perceive3d as a threat to ones needs/or concerns; which causes conflict. Something else is competition, that another cause because you have numerous people in it for the same reason that same person is competing. Unhappiness and ones beliefs is a contributing factor because everyone has unique religious preferences and when that conversation topic arises amongst people, it will clash and someone’s religion ends up getting attacked. Being unhappy simply causes conflict itself because someone can be unhappy for various reasons and when brought to discussion, another might say “well that’s a stupid reason to be unhappy”. The responding party that was unhappy will become aggressive because the reason they are unhappy is not stupid to them, whether how little or small; and that will cause an argument of conflict too. That can stretch very broad about being unhappy and why that has various conflict factors. All in all conflict starts when someone feels a threat is being made towards them in any manner. Overall conflict happens when people disagree in coming to terms with an answer. Communication style
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