Causes of Disasters

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Hazards There exist various biological, mechanical, chemical, physical or environmental agents that have the potential of causing damage or harm to people or other organism. These are known as hazards and exist in the day to day life and eventually lead to disasters. This paper will therefore look at a hazard that that lead to a particular disaster, the cause of the event and the consequences that came with the event. Disasters are risk hazards that have the potential of causing significant societal, personal as well as damage the environment. Disasters manifest themselves in a way that threatens the people or environment. The recent earthquake that resulted to a tsunami in the Indian Ocean that took place on 26th of December flood is an example of a natural hazard that was disastrous and devastating effects on India. Causes of the disaster The tsunami was caused by an earthquake that struck at around 7.58 am. This earthquake was caused by the sinking of the oceanic plate known as Indo-Australian plate under the continental plate known as Eurasian plate approximately 240Kms off the coast of Indonesia. It was a mega thrust earthquake that involved an uplift of the sea floor about 20meteres up all the way to a fault line that was about 1000Kms in length. This uplift of the sea floor resulted to the displacement of tones in billions that set into motion a tsunami wave that hit the Indonesian coast in just under half an hour of the occurrence of the earthquake. Effects of

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