Causes of Global Warming

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Many businesses, industrial factories, and vehicles produce massive amounts of natural gases that affect the world in many ways. These gas particles that move rapidly and constantly collide with the atmosphere. This causes the air on Earth to contain higher kinetic energy due to the fact that more gas particles from the natural gases are colliding with the air particles. The higher kinetic energy results in higher temperature and heating of Earth’s surface. The heating of the Earth’s surface causes many of the world problems that we have today. As more and more factories and industries produce gases that pollute the world, they also increase the effects of global warming. Gas particles from these natural gases move rapidly throughout the atmosphere. Since these gases are still near the surface of the Earth, these gas particles collide much more and become more rapid creating more kinetic energy. If there is more kinetic energy in these gas particles, there is an increase in temperature. Around the world there are so many products and resources that require the release of gases. These gases, once released, increase the temperature in the atmosphere to be able to melt the ice at the north and south poles. The gas particles are able to spread out throughout the Earth’s atmosphere to trap the heat which increases the temperature of the Earth’s surface allowing the ice to melt.

Hurricanes, storms, and droughts are caused by numerous factors. Droughts are caused by the
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