Causes of Junvenile Delinquency

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Causes of Juvenile Delinquency and Crime
This report aims to explore the relationship between juvenile delinquency and poor parenting and their failure to teach norms and values. It will also address other aspects of influence, including; peer pressure, mass media, poverty and the actions of the juvenile justice system.
Through this report, the following theory will be tested;
“There is a link between juvenile delinquency, poor parenting and their failure to teach norms and values.”
Literature Review
It is commonly acknowledged that crime ‘is an act of which breaks the criminal law of society’. Juvenile delinquency, also known as youth crime, ‘is the participation in illegal behaviour by a minor’. Crime is committed due
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This suggests why some sociologists may believe that juveniles with parents have little control over violent behavior and who learn violence from aggressive peers, tend to participate in violent crime themselves.
Albert K. Cohen’s theory of why crime and deviance occurs has been regarded as a structural perspective and suggests that the social structure within society dictates the behaviour of an individual. Cohen conducted a study in 1955, of the development of the delinquent subculture and why it exists. His study gives an insight into why some juveniles digress from the norm and values that generally accepted in society. Cohen found that delinquency was more dominant in males living in lower class sectors of society and his most common conclusion for this was their involvement in ‘juvenile gangs’.
For Marxists, the state, which makes the law, represents the interests of the ruling class. Marxists regard the law is an instrument of the state, used to control the existing social order and believe that, while some laws protect us all, they do not protect us all equally. 'Much police behaviour seems most easily explained when one considers that whenever there is a conflict of interests between the dominant classes in a society and less
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